Naptural Spotlight- Alicia Hynson


SO, I’m back with a beautiful naturalista who just celebrated her 3 year NAPPIversary..

I wanted to find out more about her journey from then until now and share her story with the rest of the world.

Alicia is a health driven woman with a beautiful spirit and hair to match! I am honored to be able to feature even a small portion of her life on here. I hope you enjoy her story.

What made you return natural?

I looked at my hair one day and said I’m tired of flat ironing and touch ups. I just want to shave my hair off. I may as well be natural. I don’t want another perm!
1063949_794754938124_1344756853_o (1)

Her NAPPIversary is September 2nd!

I have been natural (again) for three years.
What is your go to style?
My go to style is a high puff! Brings out my features. 🙂
What are your favorite products?
I’m a product junkie but my favorite products are olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, Taliah Waajid’s product line (especially the Great Detangler and Leave in conditioner!) and Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil Moisturizer and Tea Tree oil
Do you have any tips for new naturals???
I encourage new naturals to find what products work best for them early on. So don’t be afraid to experiment. Also, watch youtube like it’s going out of style if you find yourself stumped on what to do with your hair. There is a woman for every length on youtube with tutorials!
Also, figure out your go to style for days when you are short on time. Most importantly, I encourage new naturals to remember the hair journey is personal. Don’t compare your growth or progress to another natural. Embrace all your flaws and positive aspects about your hair!
Any hair goals?
My hair goals include a few hair challenges, trying new styles, getting better with parts (for updos) and maybe even dyeing my ends. I’m very careful about heat and dye so I’m taking my time.
There you have Alicia’s story! She is HAPPI and NAPPI!!!!  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed learning even a small portion about her.  Is there anything else you want to know about Alicia?

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