Summer time Hair

Summer time seems to be the best time for protective styling. And it makes sense of course because the summer is when your hair can dry out quicker and become a real hassle.

We all get too tired/busy/bored for our hair and need a break.  This is when the protective styling comes into play the most.  Protective styling is just that: protecting the ends of your hair so that there is a decrease in breakage, split ends, damage, knots (you know the pesky single stranded ones), tangles, drying out, etc. Protective styling helps to retain length and its very great at saving time.  You’ll spend less time trying to achieve the perfect twist out in the morning and in most cases styling a twist out gone wrong. We’ve all been there.

A few things to consider when choosing a style: make sure it does not damage your hair, and be sure you can keep your hair moisturized while styled.

Here are just a few popular protective styles.


Box braids…………            braids3

Havana Twists………..           protect

Kinky Twists………..               protect2

Flat Twists……….                   protect3

Simple Updo…….                 protect4


Which style works best for you????




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